Friday, October 30, 2015

Last-Minute Halloween Treats

Halloween is tomorrow! This has always been one of my absolute, most favorite holidays ever (right after Christmas and Thanksgiving). I've loved everything about Halloween since I was little, whether it was figuring out what my costume was going to be, to packing trick or treat bags for the neighbors, and of course, the actual trick or treating. I'll never forget the year when I managed to get over ten pounds of candy (all by myself, for myself) in just under two hours. If that's not marathon trick or treating, I don't know what is.  It was the result of having an epic costume, trick or treating at the most opportune moment, and having my mom follow just a few feet behind me (I would dump out my candy into a bag she was carrying whenever my pumpkin started to overflow). So really, it was careful planning that made Halloween so perfect each and every year. 

While I love the idea of planning something elaborate and creepy (or cute!) to celebrate this spooky holiday, I'm fully aware that life gets in the way and it just doesn't always happen. Take this year, for instance. I wanted to make an amazing Halloween-themed layer cake, but when I went to make it, nothing seemed to work out. I had an off day, and nothing seemed to be going right. So, since that idea has been archived to share next year, here are a few easy, last-minute Halloween-themed treats that you can make in advance tonight or before your party tomorrow. Whether it's because life got in the way or you procrastinated, these quick ideas are just what you need. 

Devilish Devil's Food Cupcakes

I think these are one of my all-time favorites. You can't go wrong with Devil's Food cake on Halloween and I love that even though there's not a drop of orange in sight, they're still very much Halloween-appropriate..especially when they're paired with the next cupcake...

If you're making Devil's Food cupcakes, you have to make some angel food cupcakes to go alongside. This fun twist on "heaven and hell" is present in all aspects- from the cupcake decor down to the cupcakes themselves (rich chocolate cake vs. a light and fluffy fat-free cupcake). The white chocolate angel wings add such a fun touch. 

This tri-color frosting is one of my favorite frosting techniques, and I actually use it pretty often. It takes an ordinary frosted cupcake from ordinary to WOW, and requires only a teensy bit more effort than a typical frosting job. The orange, yellow, and white frosting look especially striking on a dark chocolate cupcake (and since this is all about being speedy, can totally come from a box!)

Ghost Cupcakes

If frosting isn't your thing and you happen to have a box of fondant lying around, you're just a couple of Blow Pops away from making the cutest Halloween cupcakes ever. These are actually the easiest on the list too; simply stick a Blow Pop into the center of an unfrosted cupcake and drape a circle of fondant on top. Add chocolate chips for eyes, and you're done! 

In case you have a little more time or are feeling a bit more ambitious, try out these ideas!

Creepy Cobweb Cake

This is such a cool decorating technique, and it's one I'll never forget. Start out with a smoothed, iced cake and then string some warm marshmallows all over. I did a white-on-white cake, but I think this would look striking over a bolder frosting color. 

DIY Peanut Butter Cups

A Reese's is irresistible enough on its own, but when it's made from scratch using your favorite dark chocolate, the store-bought chocolate candies just don't compare. They're a little more time consuming, but the end results are so, so worth it. 

Chocolate Bat Sandwich Cookies

The combination of an intense chocolate cookie, Nutella, and dulce de leche is almost too much for me to bear. Thanks to the bat-shaped cutouts, these elegant sandwich cookies make an awesome addition to any grown-ups only Halloween party.

Hopefully these ideas have you feeling a little more inspired for tomorrow's big day. Now that you don't need to stress out about dessert, you can stress out about more important things, like your costume and candy-consuming strategies. Because priorities, right?

Happy Halloween, everyone! 


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